Tips for a Fun & Stress Free Wedding Morning

1 Get everything ready the night before – Leave out all your wedding day essentials like the hanger for your wedding dress, underwear, accessories, jammies, random stuff like insoles, your garter if you’re wearing one and any products you need. Pop them in one place so you know where to find them first thing. The last thing you want is to be stressed to the max looking for an insole for your shoes when you should be chatting with your girls over a glass of bubbly! Be sure to have your overnight bag packed the night before as well and give it to a pal to leave at the venue.

2. Make sure the room is ready to go – The photographer will be in snapping away before you know it so make sure to appoint someone to give the room you’re getting ready in a quick tidy before he/she arrives. You don’t want jewellery tags, brekkie leftovers or dirty laundry lurking in the back of your beautiful wedding photos!

3. Leave out anything you wanted photographed – Have stuff you want photographed out and ready to go the night before like your wedding invite, perfume or any accessories you want a snap of for your wedding album.

4. Opt for cute robes or jammies for you and the girls – Some of our favourite photos from real weddings are the girls getting ready in matching PJs or robes. It’s such a cute idea and of course, you want to feel and look good with the photographer hanging about. A robe or button down PJ top are practical too making it easy to get in and out of so you don’t mess up your hair or makeup.

5. Have a wedding playlist ready to go – Background music is a must! Some music will have you and the girls in party mode and add to the getting ready atmosphere. Have one of the maids put together a bit of a playlist the week before  or have Spotify’s pre-made playlists at the ready.

6. Chat to hair and makeup about timings – We’ve heard of brides leaving themselves until last for hair/make up done and are rushed and panicked. Sarah from Angel Hair & Makeup offered this advice: “Normally we start with one of the bridesmaids or anyone who is getting a blow dry like the mother of the bride or an aunt. On the morning of the wedding bride is usually busy organising the last minute things like who’s going to hold her lipstick or a small bottle of hairspray. We allocate 40 mins per person for bridesmaids and guests. Depending on what time the bride has to leave, we try slot her in somewhere in the middle, this way she is picture perfect leaving and it also gives her time to have breakfast or tie up loose ends before she has to sit still for an hour or so. We have the bride and bridesmaids ready in time for her to get dressed have a few photos taken then a quick top up of lipstick and she’s out the door. Just like we planned!!

7. Give yourself plenty of time to get dressed  – Give yourself enough time to get in to your dress! Don’t underestimate how long it will take to get the dress all buttoned up, they can be a fiddly nightmare for bridesmaids so give yourself loads of time so you can enjoy this precious experience.

8. Don’t forget to eat – You’ll need all the energy you can get so don’t forget to have some brekkie even if it is just some cereal or pastries. Your ceremony will be kicking off close to lunch too so make sure to have lunch or even a snack before you head off so there’s no fear of your tummy rumbling during the Prayers of the Faithful! Plus you’ll need some soakage before the champers so it doesn’t go straight to your head…

9. Delegate – Anything that needs doing, delegate. Whether it’s getting the button holes to the lads or tying balloons to signposts, get someone else to do it! You don’t need to be worrying about anything but making yourself gorgeous on the wedding morning.